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Real estate is a significant field improving the prospects of urban residents to own modern homes with all amenities in the city. Realtors are providing comfortable urban homes to residents in the city; they provide them apartments and flats located in urban sites. These realtors are providing homes to families, professionals and even women. Many potential buyers and investors consider the assistance of realtors important while opting for homes. Many realtors have complete knowledge on real estate owing to their several years of prior experience. Experienced realtors can provide the residents better homes located in the prime locales. These realtors are aware of the common preferences of the potential buyers and meet their requirements. Urban real estate is thriving owing to the urban developments in the city. Many residents are opting for homes in the developing urban sites for the value of real estate in such sites. Real estate is progressing while increasing the living standards of urban living. It is mandatory for better urban living and for procuring comfortable urban homes. Many investors are interested in cochin real estate and consider it ideal for their investments. Real estate is among the better investment options for its value and worth. It is transforming the lives of urban residents with newly designed apartments and flats in the city. There are many construction projects scheduled in the various urban sites across the city. Several new construction projects are providing better preferences for residents, the new apartments with modern amenities are luring many. Introduction of the latest amenities, new architectural planning and innovative designs are influencing the choice of many buyers for the apartments and flats in new construction projects.