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The reason why I am writing this thread is, because nobody has written something for "General Gaming", so I decided to write something in this topic/thread. 7
The list of your most anticipated indie games can go big as you want.
Please write one or more reasons why are you excited for [please type indie game].
DG Is not allowed to be in your list. 
Note: My list isn't a Top 20 or so list. 


Hyper Light Drifter: This game looks soo beautiful and the animations are soo fluent and this game will have the music of Disasterpiece 
Chasm: Look at this game, it is beautiful and also like metroidvanias 
Viking Squad: This game reminds me of Castle Crashers, but in a good way!
Titan Souls: You can beat the crap out of these titans with only one arrow!!!
Enter the Gungeons: GUUNNSS!!!! Oh and look at these adorable bullets that want to kill you :D.
A Hat in Time: It is a Collect-a-thon game + Grant Kirkhope music!
Night in the Woods: beautiful
Children of Morta: this artstyle :D
Starrmazer: Crossovers everywhere!!!!
Westerado Double Barrel: Played the original Westerado via Adult swim long time ago and oh boy I am excited for that.
Owlboy: gotta love the art of @snakepixel
Shovel Knight: Plauge of Shadows: Play as the Plauge Knight with a complete new story? Gotta play that.
Cross Code: First german game without thinking of: "Boy lets hope this doesn't get shitty".
Aegis Defenders: This game looks fancy :D
Superhot: You can dodge bullets in slow motion!!!!
Jotun: SotC
Jenny LeClue:  Beautiful.
Witchmarsh: Side-scrolling 4 player co-op game? Gotta love that.
Hover: Revolt of Gamers: Mirrors Edge in Spaaaccceeee.
The Flame in the Flood: Old Irrational games employees make this game.
Just Shapes and Beats: It a game about shapes and beats! :D  
Below: You are soo tiny and it looks beautiful
Game 4 by The Behemoth: It is a game by The Behemoth. That explains everything.
Skytorn: Shovel :D

Sooo thats it.
I left some out, because otherwise the list would be ended up with 70 indie games..... 
What are you most anticipated games coming 2015/2016?
Make your own list 


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