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Mar 8 15 10:16 PM

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Heya Death's Gambit creators, followers, and other stuff that I haven't covered in this sentence!

I heard tell of your project, subsequently watched the trailer, read the FAQ, and took-a-looksy at this forum. I'm excited with what you've got brewing here. I happen to be quite a Dark Souls fan-dork and happily suffer with a perennial fixation on metroidvanias, thus I consider Death's Gambit to be something of a treasured prospect.

I don't have much to say regarding technical jargon but your effort and vision deserve recognition and I am just happy to voice my support and excitement for this project. Time to spread the good word!

Also, I imagine Death's Gambit would look pretty slick on the Vita. I imagine you and a heck of a lot of Vita owners would agree image

PC or otherwise, I'll be buying Death's Gambit. I've got a butt-ton of questions but I'm gonna wait for more updates from this site before I get too detail oriented.
Until then, best wishes and may your hard work prove fortuitous!
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Mar 9 15 9:33 AM

Hello whacksheep

If you like DG like I do, be sure to check out their Livestream channel: (they stream every Saturday at 4:30pm, but It can happen that they will stream 1-2 hours earlier)
Also if you have any questions, be sure to check out these links: The Offical Devlog of White Rabbit: , thier TIGSource Site: and my thread where you find everthing you need to know about DG + some Speculations:

 if you have any questions, you can ask me. I have been hyped for this game since July 2014 and I am still hyped.
Also keep in mind, that it is hard to get games to other Plattforms.


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Mar 9 15 7:59 PM

Thanks whacksheep !! I'm glad you are excited for Death's Gambit!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask, can't promise I'll be able to answer everything since we haven't revealed too much.

PS. I'm sure Rycoon also can answer many of the questions haha

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