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Hello everybody and welcome !

In this Topic I am going to analyse the Offical Reveal Trailer of Death's Gambit.
Of course, If I have missed something out or you have a speculation for one of the shots, you can just type it in the comments and I will add them.

If you are completely new to Death's Gambit and have no clue what this game is all about, you should check out these following links before you read this analysis.
All you need to knowabout Death's Gambit + some Speculations: http://deathsgambit.lefora.com/topic/19/need-know-Deaths-Gambit-Speculations-Update27220#.VPG7KfmG9S0  
The Devlog: http://deathsgambit.tumblr.com/ 

Note: please watch the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

1st Shot: Shows a text, which says: "The following is a work in progress and does not reflect the final quality of the game."

2nd Shot: Shows the logo of the team who makes the game, White Rabbit

3rd Shot: Shows the protagonist near Aldwynn. 
               Speculations: -This shot might be a cutscene
                                    - It looks like he is coming from The Blightlands and is going to head in Aldwynn.
                                                 -It could also be, that the forest part is part of Aldwynn.

4th Shot: Shows the Protagonist with the four allys near pile of burning corpses: middle: Protagonist,
                                                                                                                     left near the Protagonist: Lionel
                                                                                                                     left: Rowan
                                                                                                                     right near the Protagonist: Vaye
                                                                                                                     right: "Kestral"
5th Shot: Shows the Protagonist running in the Blightlands, while two "horses" ride along.

6th Shot: Shows the Protagonist running in a church in Aldwynn. It also shows a painting of white-red soldiers fighting/winning against the Bulwark.
              Speculations: - Maybe the Bulwark was some kind of god-like creature and was known to protect the city by all cost. He might been killed many years ago and was reincarnated when Aldwynn was       attacked/destroyed. 
                                   - Or he never died, but it also would explain that he is a immortal
                                   - The Bulwark is shown as the enemy and the soldiers of the kingdom finally killed him

7th Shot: Shows the Protagonist again in The Blightlands. It is actually in the same position like the last shot, because both of them have two curvy trees and a corpse there and many high stacked stones.

8th Shot: Shows the Protagonist blocking and dodging attacks of "the Knight" in Aldwynn. This is actually the same place, where the chained "Titan" is.
               Speculations: -this area is/was a prison/torture area. 
                                               -It looks like it is somewhere deep.

9th Shot: Shows the Protagonist in Aldwynn again, attacking the Hallowed Knight of Anguis from the air and does 101 damage per enemy with this long, heavy-looking sword. This area was seen at the demo in the PAX day ZERO twitch stream.
              Speculations: -This is the beginning area of Aldwynn and it is maybe before the Bulwark fight.

10th Shot: Shows the Protagonist fighting against three crossbow types of the Hallowed Knight of Anguis in Aldwynn again, this time inside. This shot was also shown at the PAX day ZERO twitch stream.
11th Shot: Shows the Protagonist fighting against a golem, who is twice as big as the protagonist. In the background, we can see a cloudy, skeleton-looking thing on the water.
                Speculations: -This Might be The Blightlands or Aldwynn, becuase both have a segment with a huge amount of trees. I am 50-50 that it is Aldwynn.

12th Shot: Shows the Protagonist running in a destroyed area in Aldwynn whith a red moon/sun (this area was shown at the demo). In the background, we can see the Phoenix flying in the background.
                Speculations: This area is before the Bulwark fight, because Aldwynn look far way darker than this.

13th Shot: Shows the Protagonist fighting with a bow against two Hallowed Knights of Anguis in Aldwynn while the "bridge"/platform is collapsing. This is in Aldwynn and a little bit later after the 12th Shot.

14th Shot: Shows the Protagonist and other two armored people riding horses while trying to catch up with the Gaian in Obsidian Plataeu. We can clearly see that the Gaian itself has been revamped.
15th Shot: Shows the Protagonist climbing up the Gaian with the grabbling hook, while avoiding the red "lasers" of the spiders and yes, the Gaian is an immortal.

16th Shot: Shows the Protagonist climbing up a snake-like creature.
                Speculations: - It might be a part of the Gaian
                                     - It is a boss you can only get to by riding with the phoenix
17th Shot: Shows the Protagonist again at the Gaian part, this time he is near a entrance

18th Shot: Shows the Protagonist getting Impaled by the sword of the Bulwark and it seems that the sword summoned a thunder which maybe dealt more damage.

19th Shot: Shows the Protagonist riding the Phoenix

20th Shot: Shows the Protagonist blocking the attacks of the Tundra Lord Kaern while getting 30 damage twice.

21th Shot: Shows the Protagonist doing the Shield Break to an Amarog in Obsidian Plataeu. The Shield Break does 252 Damage to the Amarog.

22th Shot: Shows the Protagonist fighting against the Tundra Lord Karen, this time we can see his "health bar". Keep in mind that in the health bar, it says "Phase 2"
                Speculations: -The health bar might act like a timer and by hurting him makes the timer move
23th Shot: Shows the Protagonist at the Aldwynn bridge along with four Hallowed Knight of Anguis. Also the protagonist performs an abilitie where he "ground-pounds" with his scythe to the ground an cast a huge   explosion.

24th Shot: Shows the Protagonist going towards the "Titan". This shot was shown at the teaser already

25th Shot: Shows the Face of the Protagonist in what seems to be a cutscene

26th Shot: Shows the Protagonist fully injured, kneels down and facing his hand while breathing heavily. Behind him we can see Sanguinar (left) and Lionel (right) who seem to be dead/badly injured. Again this shot                  looks like a cutscene.
                Speculations: -This "cutscene" also could be a vision that the Protagonist might have.  
27th Shot: Shows at the cloudy sky a phoneix with horns or a dragon coming towards the camera.

28th Shot: Shows the logo of the game: Death's Gambit, while the D of Death's looks like death himself.

29th Shot: Shows the Protagonist back at the Gaian in front of the "entrance" while Birds are flying around.

30th Shot: Only shows the name of the website.

.....And that was it. 

Just for fun, I am now doing a little poster analysis made by @hexadrive : http://deathsgambit.tumblr.com/image/112275898090

The Poster: You can see the protagonist (middle), Sanguinar (left) and Lionel (right) and Death himself in the background
                   Still I have no clue why the rest of the allies appear in the Poster.
(UPDATE):   Jean (Programmer of DG) has confirmed, that it was on purpose, that Sanguinar and Lionel can be seen in the poster. Does this mean they are imortant?

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little analysis.
See ya soon

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