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All you need to know about Death's Gambit + Speculations (Update:31.3.2015) [MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS]

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Nov 13 14 3:58 PM

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I made an analysis for the Reveal Trailer, which you can read here:

0. Introduction

Hello and welcome to this thread. In this thread, you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming game Death's Gambit.
If you know ZERO of this game, please visit their Website for more information.

Death's Gambit is being made by White Rabbit and published by Adult Swim GamesPower UP Audio is doing the Sound effects for Death's Gambit.

1. The Lore (Story)

On 26th August, Killscreen wrote an articel about Death's Gambit. They talk about the art, that it is inspired by the Soul series and that the game isn't stricly linear.
They also mention the Lore of Death's Gambit: "At the start of the game, the protagonist makes a deal with Death that, if he roams about the world and kills off the other immortals (bosses), he himself will become immortal." Yet there isnt any reason, why the four allys help him. Speaking of Allys and Characters.
Speculations: - Either death ordered the four of them to help him to reach the Protagonist's Goal
                     - He knew them before and they want to help him, because they are very good friends of him
                     - He just met them randomly while the story progresses and they want to help him (but personally they want to become immortal too)
                     - Or they have the same mission like the protagonist.

2. The Characters

-The Protagonist: 
He uses Guns, Bows, cast Abilities and wield Swords. He also belongs to a race, but we dont know the name, or anything else yet. White Rabbit (name of the company/studio) confirmed in one stream, that the main character has a name, but they will maybe change it, before they will reveal the name of him, so it will take a while.
(Also he reminds me of the Drifter of Hyper Light Drifter)
Speculations:  -The Protagonist wont talk. 
                      -Maybe there will be some backstory of him?
                      -The race, where the protagonist belongs ,might be enemys of the human 
                      -The race might be extincted and he and a handful of others are the last survivors

-The Four Allys
These are allys of the main character, which are of course, all NPCs.
~Rowan: Rowan is a heavy armored human who wields two swords. 
~Vaye: An Archer which belongs in the same race as the protagonist. Also Vaye is a female character
~Lionel: A human who wears, like Rowan, a heavy Armor and fight with a (Badass) Lancer
~Kestral (This name might be wrong): This Character hasn't been revealed yet, but I can say some things for sure: First he is quite tall and like the other ones he has a Heavy armor. He also Wheels a big axe.
Besides the four allys, we have Sanguinar.
~Sanguinar: is very Important NPC and he shows up at The Blightlands. Why he is important for the story is yet unkown.
 Vaye: -Vaye might be the younger/older sister of the Protagonist, but I doubt that.
          - She might know the Protagonist since they were pretty young and were raised together 
Rowan + Lionel:   -Those guys were maybe banned from thier Kingdoms and want revenge.
Kestral: - He Might be the quiet one.
       - He is maybe a Troll, Orge or a other big creature
       - Might be the mentor of the Protagonist
       - Might be the tutorial guy and the guy who gives you advices throughout the game.
       - Might be a servant of Death and he guides you somehow to the Immortal bosses.  

3. The Enemys

A wolf-like Creature with horns and uses a spear or sometimes a magical staff with a shield. They appear in Obsidian Plataeu.

-Ice Creature (No Official name yet!)(
An Icy-Skulptur looking creature that appears in Obsidian Plataeu near the battle against the Gaian and It acts more like a mini-boss.

These are Spiders, which creep out of a hole and want to kill you and also appear in Obsidian Plataeu and maybe in other areas.

-The Gaian
A Giant Coloss who walks around in Obsidian Plataeu. This Gaian is one of the Immortals that you have to defeat and has been revamped lately.

-Tundra Lord Kaern
A big monster who is located in an icy area. Unlike most of other bosses, he has a "Phase system". He is currently located in Aldwynn.
This enemy is a immortal.

-The Bulwark (
"Past the city of Aldwynn, you must confront the Bulwark. You are not prepared".
This Bulwark symbolizes the half-way point of the game. Before you can defeat him, you have to explore the other areas to gain strentgh and then you will be able to defeat him. (But I am sure there will be guys, who will be able to defeat him at the beginning or skip this fight, maybe speedrunners will find a way once the game is out)

-"Knight" (No Official name yet!)
A Knight, who is nearly twice as big as the Protagonist. By now he only appeared in "???".

"Ancient Golem" (No Official name yet!)
A old-looking Black "armored" Golem, who is twice as tall than the protagonist who uses a shield and a sword to "defend" himself.
Currently this enemy is located in Aldwynn and maybe in The Blightlands.

-The Hallowed Knights of Anguis (
"The Hallowed Knights of Anguis are dommed to guard the abandoned city for all eternity"
These enemys appear in Aldwynn. However they don't represent all enemies in Aldwynn yet.

-"The Titan"
This enemy was revealed in the Teaser Trailer, which was released on the 1. Feburary 2015
This enemy looks like an immortal, yet it isn't confirmed to be one.

4. The NPCs
"Don't piss of the denzien's of Death's Gambit"
In the world of Death's Gambit there are many people who will either sell you items, or they start a conversation with you.
NPCs will react to what you are doing, for instance if you have a weapon equipped, some people might act different because of that. 
By Hitting NPCs too much, they will be against you for the whole game and some willl even attack you if you want to pass through them, for instance the Shopkeeper, if you hit him enough, he will go on top of his car and start shooting with a weapon, that really looks like a snowball canon, at you. It might not be encouraged, but at least they will drop items.
White Rabbit really want to make every character unique, like the merchant, he will kill you and if you manage to defeat him, you can have his awesome loot.
All NPC's are killable

-"Lizard Warrior"(No offical name yet): This fellow is might be able to be seen in Aldwynn.

5. The Areas

- Obsidian Plataeu: An Icy Area, that you are at the very beginning of the game. This is area is populated by the Amarogs and other creatures

- The Blightlands: A big forest which is also the Hub. We only know, that Sanguinar appears in this area.

- Aldwynn: A rainy and dark City guarded by a Bulwark and of the Hallowed Knights of Anguis.

- Phoenix ride: This isn't an actual area. It is used to fly to a other area, but on top of the Phonenix you will Fight against other creatures. However this is only a speculation.

-Slums (this area doesn't have a name yet): A poor "district" which was populated by humans until an unknown enemy attacked the district.

-Garde Tum: Altough nothing hasn't been revealed about it, I still managed to found something. In the description of the weapon "The Swarm". This area is a Vault, which is filled with these kind of advancing Technology and superior inventions.  

-Aldwynn: This area was once ruled by human, but one day an battle started. The unknown invaders (maybe the Hallowed Knights of Anguis) successfully took over Aldwynn and killed most of the humans. However the Invaders had to leave one day, so they decided to position an Bulwark in front of Aldwynn along with other creatures, who guarded inside Aldwynn.
-"Slums": This area is maybe a part of Aldwynn, kind of a forgotten part of Aldwynn. Why I think that is, because they both were attacked by unknown enemys and everywhere are hanging corpses                                        around. However, this also might be a area that you visit after you past Aldwynn.
-Garde Tum: This area might be from outer space and it kinda "crashed" decades ago in this planet. However yet I still have no plan, why most of this kind of Technology is scattered all around this world. Did merchant took some stuff and started selling it to other people? Or did these people of outer space tried to attack others?

6. The Weapons | Abilities

The combat involves weapons (melee weapons|range weapons|shields) and abilities (magic). You arm yourself with three abilities, two weapons and one healing item simultaneously. 
There current goal is, to make the combat more strategically and more though-out and not about perfect twitch reflex or muscle memory.

-Ranged Weapons
Energy Lance - Rapid fire. Can be changed for a powerful blast
Bow of Cinders - Bow - 2-21 Damage - A magic infused bow that can arc arrows and deals damage based on charge time. Enemies take 86 additional fire damage over 7 seconds. An elegant bow that turns with the brilliance of a solar flare. The Covenant of the Flame mentions such a weapon in its scriptures, and is surely a sought after artifact.
The Swarm - Gun - 10 Damage - A rapid fire that pulls its bullets back towards you in a gravity field. Be wary as it may overheat. Technology like this can only be found in Garde Tum , a vault of secrets and innovation that have never seen the light of day. But with all thier superior inventions, why haven't they conquered Leydia?

-Close Combat
 Runed Short Sword - DAGGER - 42 Ground Damage, 31 Air Damage: A common light one handed weapon, particularly effective against low health targets.
 Aldwynn Halberd - HALBERD - 153 Ground Damage, 102 Air Damage: A common heavy two handed weapon, has a long reach.
 Aldwynn Greatsword - GREATSWORD - 153 Ground Damage, 102 Air Damage: A common heavy two handed weapon, particularly effective against multiple foes.

-Useful Items
Grabbling Hook - It can grab certain points and pulls the protagonist to it. This can be seen in the fight against the Gaian.

-Healing Items
 You have a set amount of healing items that are regenerated at save points. You can use them by pressing X/Q and you can optimize how many uses you want, but keep in mind, that if you take more, your damage gonna be less stronger.
We only know this one:
 Lucent Phoenyx Plume - Heal - Restores 200 health when consumed.Dispell basic negative status alliements - 3 second cast - a plume from the legendary Phoenyx. Unleashing its natural radiance has restorative properties. Many once belived the secret to immortality lay with the Phoenyx. Now such a promise seems negligible.

 Shield Break - After a short charge-up time, you land a powerful uppercut that can disarm shields and stun an enemy for 3 seconds. Can only use when Sword equipped. Can be used 3 times before recharge at  save point.
 Arcane Blast - A long cast AOE (Area of Effect) explosion that deals high damage to everyone around the player. This ability doesn't have a required weapon but does take up an ability slot.
 Sword Dash - This isn't actually confirmed, but I saw an Animaiton of it on TIGSource. This ability doesnt seem to have a charge-up instead, it more looks like a "passiv attack". But it is only a speculations.
 "Scythe Slash"(No offical name yet) - You "ground-pound" with your scythe and it will cast a huge explosion an will kill enemies nearby.
 Cyclone - instant - 4 uses - 10 second CD - It is an AOE (Area of Effect) attack that is only able to be used, when an Halberd is equipped.
 Fortitude - instant - 4 uses - 20 second CD - Create a magical barrier that decreses damage taken by 30% for 7 seconds.
 Vine Warth - instant - 5 uses - 10 second CD - Roots ground enemies in a line for 3 second. Rooted enemies take 36 (damage?) every second.   
 Rupture - 1 second cast - 4 uses - 10 second CD - Swift strike that causes enemies to bleed for 432 (damage?) over 12 seconds. 
 Arcane Nova - 3 sec cast - 4 uses - 30 second CD - Causes a large arcane explosion around the caster dealing 258 damage.

- Block|Dodging|Stamina
~Block: Block wont take up an equipment slot.
            Blocking takes up endurance equivalent to how much damage the attack would deal.
            While blocking, if an attack consumes more endurance than you have left, you take the remaining damage and are momentarily stunned.
~Dodging: It takes most of the endurance
~Stamina: You can increase the amount of the stamina you have via gear and leveling up.
                    The stamina meter takes about half a second to regenerate. If you recently dodge-roll, it takes 1.5 seconds.
                    If you have more than 1 stamina, you can block/dodge/attack and it will consume your stamina back to 0.
                    Jumps take a small amount of stamina, but you can still jump even at 0 stamina.
                    Enemies with shields also has an stamina meter. You can even attack them when they are vulnerable, or drain thier stamina with a relentless assault

7. The Collectibles | "Hope"

For that we have the Monster Relics. They are hidden in the world and will help you defeating the boss. Every boss has 3 pertaining to them:
-Having 1 Relic lets you see the boss health bar + gives you 5% damage dealt increased against the boss
-Having 2 Relics gives you 15% damage dealt increase against boss + phase change indication
-Having 3 Relics gives you 20% damage + ?? (hasn't been realesed yet)
If you die, you will leave an purple marker, which is called "hope". If you want to reclaim hope, you have to got to the loaction of your death and activate it, but it will manifest an enemy (like an Amarog) for you to face off, but it depends on how much hope you had and the area you lost it, the enemy will change. (Man, I hope a Gaian won't pop out of the "hope" if I want to reclaim it :D) How you get more "Hope" is yet unkown.

8. The UI / Inventory

This segment talks currently about the devlog of the 21th Feburary: .

The UI:
For this, we will take the first picture, showing the protagonist near a save statue/heal statue and his "apocalyptic deer" right next to him.
In this Picture, it seems he is in a more forest area of Aldwynn and we can see that the UI has been changed completely except of the mouse icon.

-The Health Bar: has a red bar, which indicates the health, the green bar, which indicates the endurance and a "1", which indicates the level.
-The Weapons: are in the bottom left where it shows are sword and a bow. The Sword can be used by pressing the left mouse and the bow (which currently has 40 arrows) can be used by pressing the right mouse button.
-The Abilities: are under the weapons and have three slots. 1,2 and 3 represent the keys that you have to press, if you want to use them and in the bottom right of any icon for this is a number, showing how many time you can use them. If they go to 0, you will have to go to a Heal/save state in order to load them up.
-Healing: in the right you can see a flame looking thing with a Q as a key. This slot represents the health and can be used with the flame looking thing up tp three times.
-Currency: in the bottom right of the screen there are two icons showing a "Soul" and a Coin. Both of those have 30 of them. The Coins definetly might be the currency with normal folks (humans), but the Souls could be the currency for other merchants (demons, undeads). However this is just a Speculation!

The Inventory:
For this we will take the secong picture, which shows the inventory of course.
We know that you can enter/leave the inventory by pressing "I". by left clicking/holding you can drag item and by right clicking you can equip items. The Inventory has however has at the top three other icons:
a map, which might show the ingame map, a icon that looks like where you can save and Setting. It also shows where you currently are (Aldwynn), shows the Level and it shows you how much HOPE you have.
The Stats:
VIT: Health
STR: Strength
FIN: ???
END: Endurance
INT: Intelligence
HST: ???
SNY: ???
Also the character can equip a: Helm, cape, pair of boots, aura, heal item, weapon, second weapon and a shield + he can hold 4 other items. He can also storage 20 items in his inventory.

9. Leydia

"Technology like this can only be found in Garde Tum , a vault of secrets and innovation that have never seen the light of day. But with all thier superior inventions, why haven't they conquered Leydia?", this comes from the bio of the high advanced weapon "The Swarm". As I already mentioned Garde Tum in 5. The Areas, I want to talk about Leydia. First of all, lets find out what Leydia exactly is. An area, A monster or a King? Well because of the word "conquered" we can say, that Leydia is a new area. The next question I am asking is, why should they conquered Leydia? Does this mean Leydia is important? Is Leydia an area filled with evilness? We don't know. Until some news is being revealed for Leydia, I will add it.

10. Vol'Garod

It was the 27th September when this mysterious Video was posted by Whites Rabbit Youtube Channel. This Video is 9 seconds long and in this Video, you can see Green eyes glowing in the dark along with a Creepy music. If you hear close enough, you can hear a deep echo sound. The description is also wierd: Ju hbaft bu zpv xjui dsvfm joejggfsfodf.
Do you guys have some speculations? Type it in this Forum Post and I will add it.
Speculations:  -Is this a little clip from the Trailer
                      - The green eyes look very similar with the one from Vaye and the Protagonist.
                      - Either that is the name of the breed/race of the protagonist and Vaye
                      - It is a name of a boss you have to fight
                            ~If it is true, than this might be a huge creature.
                     - Is this the name of the Protagonist?
                     - The description is just a random text
                     - The description is a hidden message
                     - Teaser for the fourth ally?
                     - Name for a area?
                     -This echo sound sounds like a rumble from far away
                     - Google Translate says, that the word Vol'Gorad come from German, but this is Bullsh*t, cause I speak german and I know, that this word doesnt exist, but whatever.

 11. The Teaser Trailer

On the 1. February 2015 Whiterabbit posted a Teaser Trailer for Death's Gambit. This Teaser Trailer include 5 shots: 
1. Shot: The Protagonist coming closer to the "titan" who is chained for some reason, while giant bones and skulls lie there and I shouldn't forget the blood splatter at the wall.
2. Shot: The Protagonist blocking and dodging the attacks of the "Knight", while a skinny and chained man is in the background. (This Shot was already shown once before in a devlog)
3. Shot: A shot of the Protagonists face who is full with blood.
4. Shot: A black screen with only a giant Dark/Demon Souls looking Text that says: "TRAILER COMING FEBRUARY"
5. Shot: A other black screen with again only a gaint Dark/Demon Souls Looking Text that says the website of the game.

1. Shot: -This is a Immortal
            -He Is the "king" there, but was chained, due to his outrages, that he will attack anybody that is his ally or not.
            -This giant beast looks kinda like a prisoner in this place. That would explain that he is chained and why he got blindfolders. The bones and skull represent his meal, that the "guards" gave him.         

 12. Merry Christmas Picture from Death's Gambit

On the 23th December 2014 Whiterabbit posted on there devlog a picture made by @hexadrive, which was of course representing the protagonist and..... a black armored flying fellow.
I was thinking that this little guy might as well be Death himself.
On the 3.1.14 the Artist for the game Alex Kubodera confirmed in a stream, that Death is indeed this fellow. However, he will kinda act as an character like Navi, rather than helping you in battles.

 13. Did you know...
....The Protagonist was redesigned 9 times. However, we only saw the 7th and further ones in action.
...."Terminus" was the original name of the game, but then was changed to Death's Gambit, because it fit for the theme and story more clearly.
....White Rabbit's TIGSource Profile photo is a Bulwark    
....Amarog are based on the Amarok, a gigantic Wolf in Inuit mythology and it would hunt down foolish people who would hunt alone in the dark. Although Amaroks hunt alone, the rest of it seem to fit the Amarogs       in Death's Gambit
....The Amarog was also redesigned. Before the redesign, he looked like a very weak and starving creature.
....This Project began first as an Prototype on December 2012, however there was no art and Jean (Programmer) just was working on it. Both Alex (Artist) and Jean slowly started working on Death's Gambit on           Feburary 2014. On March 2014 they began working on it full time. 

Links I used for this Post:

  Death's Gambit TIGSource:
                         Killscreen Articel:
                         Devblog (Tumblr):                           
      Timelapses + Vol'Garod Video:

I hope I helped everyone with it.....


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#1 [url]

Nov 17 14 12:33 AM

Wow Rycoon awesome compilation thread XD

A lot of interesting speculations, we might have to clarify the Death/player relationship a bit more soon since it seems most people are confused about it.

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#2 [url]

Nov 17 14 5:52 AM

Thank you Alex/Jean (cause I dont know who will read/answer it).
You really should clarify the Death/player relationship and I want to know something: Does the Protagonist have a name?
Again, thanks for the shoutout on Twitter about this thread :D
- Rycoon aka Kubix aka Coon

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