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Jul 10 14 2:11 AM

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I made this thread in hopes of meeting and greeting the community and maybe also try and become an 'Evangelist' and get beta access. Please introduce yourselves here.
To get started, I'm Gattsu, a long-time indie gamer and TV/anime fanatic. I found this game on a forum post and was quite impressed by the fancy gifs, so thought I'd join up here. Death's Gambit looks like quite the little epic and I have high hopes because it is a 2D action advenure, which seems such a small territory in the gaming scene.
By the way, lefora sucks. I suggest hosting forum software like SMF on your own website instea of using this mess xD

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Jul 16 14 6:43 PM

Awesome Game

This game is gonna be a great, i love 2D New era games, games like Cave history and others metroidvania and more focus RPG indie games are fantastic, i really hope to see more of this game and play it as a beta tester. Hello to everybody, i am Darklex and i will follow this game to the end.

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