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Sep 27 14 5:07 AM

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Hey Dev's and other people of the forum, i've been doing some digging in the depths of the internet and i've found this beautiful gem. From what I can tell so far the gameplay looks vibrant, silky smooth and oh god, those two soundtracks you've posted on Soundcloud is....alluring. I can tell that you all are HUGE fans of Shadow of the colossus (a HUGE fan myself) and the fact that ya'll are putting your own twist on it along with (from what I can tell) a pretty big variety of weapons and tools at your disposal is something i've only drempt of playing one day. It seems like that day is coming sooner than I could have dreamed :) 

Please, keep up the phenomenal work on the Art, Music, Gameplay and simply everything. 

I'll be tuning into both of your streams on Twitch today and tomorrow to hopefully snag a code to give you some feedback you're hoping to hear from a person that passionately plays games and wants to help you guys our to make your job a tad easier. 

See ya soon, Cheers! 
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Sep 27 14 5:14 PM

Hey Masterchops!

Thanks for stopping by our stream and for posting here! I'm glad you really like Death's Gambit! It means a lot to see people really like it!

We are definitely fans of Shadow of the Colossus as well, you can expect some more climbing sequences! For the beta opportunities: we post boss challenges at random times during streams. We have already given out three boss challenges during the streams.

Hope to see you around again! Thanks for the awesome kind words.

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